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Reddule Review-Getting Passive Traffic and Leads From Reddit


Reddule Review-Getting Passive Traffic and Leads From Reddit

The first true all-in-one “marketer friendly” training and software suite for reddit

What is it:
Reddule is the first all-in-one solution for getting passive traffic and leads from Reddit while simultaneously protecting the user’s Reddit reputation.

It consists of two parts.

First, the “Reddule Traffic Training” system which walks users through a step-by-step system of leveraging Reddit successful for their business. This is based off real world results.

Part 2, the Reddule Cloud App is an easy-to-use cloud software that will helps automate what you’ll learn in the training.

It’s the first Reddit all-in-one automation cloud solution that can do keyword tracking and email notification for fast “pockets” of traffic, tell users what to post for maximum traffic, create posting schedules to specific subreddits, tell you when the best time to post is, do Karma analytics tracking and growth, and far more.

Main Benefits of the Software:
[+] Auto Keyword Tracking and Email Notification Technology

Have Reddule monitor any subreddit you want for when specific keywords are used. Then, have the app email you when those keywords are used so you can quickly respond to the comment or thread on Reddit with your content and offers.

[+] Know Exactly When to Post for the Most Traffic

Use Reddule analytics to see when the best time is to schedule your post for the most views and traffic. Insert the link to any subreddit and get instant feedback on the optimal hours and days of the week your target audience is engaging in that particular subreddit.

[+] Schedule Text Posts, Videos, and Links to Any Individual Subreddit

Create text or link posts inside of Reddule, then schedule them to be posted later by you to any specific subreddit you choose. Create strategic posting schedules for an endless supply of fresh traffic and leads to your content and offers from any subreddit you choose.

[+] Find and Schedule Relevant, Viral Videos

Combine the power of viral video and the world’s most viral network! Search YouTube for relevant videos and create a post within Reddule to be posted to any individual subreddit you wish. Use this to build up your Reddit ‘Karma’ (or goodwill), drive traffic, and more.

[+] Let Reddule Tell You What’s Driving Traffic

Create an archive using the special Reddule browser extension of popular subreddits, posts ideas, comments, users, and more to post relevant content that will bring leads won’t brand you as a spammy marketer.

[+] Build and Track ‘Comment Karma’ and ‘Post Karma’

Make sure your Reddit ‘Karma’ is high at all times so your scheduled posts and videos are guaranteed to get tons views and avoid getting downvoted.

[+] Add Multiple Reddit Accounts

Perfect for niche marketing in many different niches and essential for agencies who want to create and manage Reddit accounts for clients. Perfect for niche marketing in many different niches and essential for agencies who want to create and manage Reddit accounts for clients.

[+] Find Untapped Subreddits (or Communities in Reddit)

Not sure what subreddits are best to begin monitoring and posting to? Use Reddule to discover relevant, popular subreddits you can use to start driving targeted niche traffic.

Main Benefits of Reddule Traffic Training:
The Secret behind Reddit Funnel — Once you set this up, you can easily 2x or 3x your income overnight using this simple ‘viral’ funnel

Find the Easiest Subreddits for Big Traffic — Including some special tools and tricks for finding subreddits that rake dead easy traffic and red-hot leads from Reddit

How to Go Viral on Reddit with Video— See how you can get featured on the ‘homepage’ & across the web for more traffic than most people can ever imagine

Avoid the “Spam Trap” — Discover how Reddule easily ‘blend-in’ to the community and avoid being labeled as spammers or marketers, but still able to build a list and make sales day after day!

Reddit PPC – Leverage Reddit’s giant, yet largely unsaturated PPC work uses to get thousands of views with pennies on the dollar.

Automated Traffic Tricks — See how Reddule completely automate lead generation & traffic from Reddit, and shave hours off each day.

And way more with HD videos, downloadable audio, resources, PDFs, and more.

Yossi Bezalel is an entrepreneur, advisor and internet products developer with over 17 years of experience in internet marketing technologies as well as the founder and ceo of, a popular internet marketers software house firm Specialties: Internet :-)

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